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Respect, Responsibilty & Safety

At Wallsend Public School we always learn about behaviour expectations that involve respect, responsibility and safety. Mrs Hannah found this video about responsibility and thought it explained the expectations in a fun way.

The Monster Maintenance Manual

In literacy groups, Mrs Hannah read The Monster Maintenance Manual by Peter Macinnis and we discussed the use of descriptive, interesting adjectives. This book was named by the Children’s Book Council of Australia as one of the Notable Books of 2010 for Young Readers.
After we looked at lots of monsters in the book we had a turn at inventing our own monsters. Mrs Hannah guided us with some clever ways to start our sentences and our writing sounded fabulous! After we had finished writing, we were able to draw our monsters. We had to use 3 elements in our artwork and they had to include crayons, collage and paint. We really enjoyed letting our imaginations run wild and found The Monster Maintenance Manual very handy for extra inspiration.

Our new teacher

Last week we had a new teacher called Miss S. visit our room. The strange thing was that she was rather short and she was wearing a school uniform!
Our ‘teacher’ was actually Anika. Anika worked out how to do something really cool on her blog that no-one else knew how to do. She became the teacher for ten minutes and taught us all how to add glitter text to our blog. Even Mrs Hannah became a student and learnt how to do it!
Anika was clever enough to work out how to embed the HTML code for glitter text and we all think she is a really good teacher because we’ve started embedding it in our blogs too!

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